Ah, the Fourth of July. A time to spend with friends barbecuing, picnicking, going out on a boat, lighting fireworks and just enjoying yourself. Or, if you’d prefer to stay indoors and avoid people, listen to some great podcasts.

If you’re one of the later, or simply have some time to kill over the holiday, we’ve compiled a great list of American podcasts that’ll help you celebrate the 4th of July in a podcast sorta way. We’ve broken down the podcast subjects to the basic tenets (in our opinion, don’t @ me) of America: history, politics, sports, food, and alcohol.


Looking to learn more about our forefathers, US history, or simply learn something new from the past? Here’s our list for you.

Stuff You Missed in History Class

Stuff You Missed in History Class is one of the longest-running and most popular of all the history podcasts.

Produced by the parent company, HowStuffWorks, SYMiHC is hosted by Tracy Wilson and Holly Frey and regularly tackles all aspects of history, not only US history. That said, recent US-centric episodes include The Eastland Disaster, which tells the story of one of the most deadly boating accidents in US history largely caused by inadequate safety regulations and procedures. Other episodes include the Philadelphia MOVE bombing, history of the Kentucky Derby, and Walt Whitman.

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New York Public Library Podcast

The New York Public Library Podcast is fairly straightforward: a high-quality production that utilizes their vast history records and research to provide analysis and insights from the past with experts from their respective fields.

This interview focused podcast often gets guests ranging from A-list celebrities, to world renown authors, to activists, to politicians, and everything in between.

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Backstory fits perfectly into some of my favorite genre of podcasts, deep-diving analysis of some subject you likely haven’t spent much time on previously. Think what 99PI is for design, 20 Thousand Hertz is to sound, 30 for 30 is for sports, Backstory is that for history.

Recent episodes include the history of the iPhone on its 10th birthday, the history of hair in America, battle for Confederate monuments, enlistment, satire, opioid use and several other subjects. If you’re looking to learn something new when you listen to a podcast, give Backstory a chance.

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Liberal: Pod Save America

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Conservative: The Ben Shapiro Show

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At Discover Pods we strive to be non-partisan in our advocacy, but rather presents options for both party affiliations. So whether you’d prefer to listen to something more left-leaning, try out Pod Save America. PSA is hosted by previously White House staffers during the Obama presidency, who combined with coveted guests give an excellent analysis of current affairs with insider knowledge.

If you’d prefer something more Republican-focused, check out The Ben Shapiro Show. You likely already know Ben Shapiro, conservative columnist, author, political pundit, and more recently as founder and Editor in Chief of The Daily Wire.


30 for 30 Podcasts

ESPN’s critically-acclaimed documentary series, 30 for 30, detailing sports events from the past 30 years, is now in podcast form. In its debut episode, 30 for 30 Podcasts details the massive Olympic marketing bust that was Dan and Dave. Reebok had been promoting Dan O’Brien and Dave Johnson as headline competitors and elite Olympic decathletes for months leading up to the 1992 Summer Olympics, only to have Dan fail to qualify for the games.

Future episodes are about the Yankees, North Pole expedition, baccarat schemes, and an incarcerated boxer.

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The Bill Simmons Podcast

A staple of mine for years (RIP Grantland), Bill Simmons is one of the premiere sports personalities today. Combined with his humor, pop culture references, and amazing guests, his podcast is a must-listen for every sports fan (and non fans). The Bill Simmons Podcast recently had guests such as Judd Apatow, Kevin Durant, Malcolm Gladwell, and Will Ferrell.

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Gravy is yet another podcast that aims to teach you something new by going deep into a subject you’ve never thought to spend that much time with before. This time with food, mostly southern.

Recent episodes explore how southern coffee shops are increasingly being used as Church propaganda, how pork products and bacon are becoming increasingly popular in Israel, and how a special Texas grapevine helped save French wine.

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The Slow Melt

Unlike our current political climate, you know what’s universally agreed upon? Chocolate is great.

The Slow Melt knows this and caters to our favorite sweet-tooth desires. This podcast literally covers everything and anything related to chocolate including global farming, the economics of chocolate, various uses, and artesian bakeries.

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The Speakeasy

The Speakeasy appeals to another popular subject, libations. Interested in cocktails, craft beer, or wine? How about non-alcoholic drinks like coffee and tea? The Speakeasy covers them all. The podcasts typically have a new guest ranging from brewmasters, to bartenders, to famous fans.

If you’re interested in the history of some of your favorite drinks, special techniques used, or why things are the way they are, give it a listen.

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Good Beer Hunting

Apart from having a great name (always a sucker for puns), Good Beer Hunting is my favorite beer-themed podcast out there.

Interested in the stories behind some of your favorite beers? Good Beer Hunting speaks with brewmasters, founders, and beer experts around the world to discuss brewing techniques, reviews, trends, and basically anything else beer related.

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