Will the President’s immigration ban survive? Will he ever release his tax returns? Do his business conflicts violate the Constitution?

These aren’t just random musings, but actually the episode titles for Can He Do That? by The Washington Post, a weekly show dedicating each episode to a single topic about the United States’ 45th President. That single topic is always a question about something in the news that doesn’t seem like normal Presidential behavior.

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Allison Michaels, the digital editor of The Washington Post, hosts Can He Do That? and asks this central question each episode to a colleague at The Washington Post, who has reported on this topic. The show also includes excerpts of Allison and the co-host interviewing experts and historians.

I’ve noticed something through political discussions online and in person; I have a short memory. 8 years ago? The details are hazy. 20 years ago? It didn’t happen. As this country, and world, continue in a new era of politics, how can I know if what is happening is similar or different from what happened before? And if it is different, is it as bad as it may seem?

One thing I appreciate about MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is the historical context she starts her broadcast in. Almost every intro monologue is a history lesson that ties into the big story of the day.

What’s great about Can He Do That? is they take a similar premise where the topic of the week is extrapolated and fit into a historical context that’s coming from the Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post. They cover many aspects of what’s going on in the White House today, mostly following the news of the week. The show almost acts as the neck brace needed at the end of a week-long whiplash.

A little bit of a spoiler, but the answer to the question of the week is almost always yes! The current administration appears to be doing things that break norms, but the controversies currently in public view are within their power.

Can He Do That? is a well-researched examination of current events in a historical context with Washington Post writers who have researched and written about the question and guests who are specialists on the topic. You can find more about Can He Do That? at http://wapo.st/canhedothat.

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