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PODCAST CURATOR’S NAME: Shira Sacks — fundraiser, New Yorker, curator.

WHY THIS THEME?: Mission: being true to myself AND having relationships involving key value and belief differences. Let’s question assumptions and explore sources of misunderstanding and conflict — within society, organizations, families, and ourselves. Plus, a redemptive finale.

MONDAY EPISODE (11/27): Freakonomics – Trust Me28 minutes

TUESDAY EPISODE (11/28): On Being – The Psychology Behind Morality – 51 minutes

WEDNESDAY EPISODE (11/29): Hidden Brain – Trying To Change, Or Changing The Subject? How Feedback Gets Derailed – 31 minutes

THURSDAY EPISODE (11/30): Waking Up With Sam Harris – On Becoming a Better Person – 58 minutes

FRIDAY EPISODE (12/1): Heavyweight Buzz – 43 minutes

GET IN TOUCH: Be in touch at or find me on Instagram @shiraelana.

SHAMELESS PROMO: Join the communication revolution! One effective method is non-violent communication (NVC), formulated by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg; highly recommend it.

CROWDSOURCING QUESTION: What are theories you’ve heard that are behind our communication mishaps? Do you have any other effective methods to promote understanding, civil discourse, and constructive conflict?