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Each week, a theme is chosen by one of our curators. That curator finds 5 podcast episodes (from anywhere!) to go along with that theme. Listen to these podcasts by clicking on the links above, through the RadioPublic app, or you can find (most of) them on your favorite podcast app (iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast…)

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WHY THIS THEME?: I’m interested in teachers, authors, and advocates for children’s literacy. Helping kids build reading skills and find books to love is work that shapes what our society is and what it will become

MONDAY EPISODE (11/20): Teaching While White – Whiteness Visible (Part 1)52 minutes

TUESDAY EPISODE (11/21): Mindshift – How Listening to Podcasts Helps Students Read and Learn – 15 minutes

WEDNESDAY EPISODE (11/22): Literaticast – Be Careful What You Tell Yourself, with Guest Author Jess Keating – 45 minutes

THURSDAY EPISODE (11/23): The Yarn – Jason Reynolds – GHOST Unraveled – 19 minutes

FRIDAY EPISODE (11/24): Revisionist History Carlos Doesn’t Remember – 35 minutes

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CROWDSOURCING QUESTION: How can we better celebrate and tell the stories of the brilliant work being done in classrooms today?