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PODCAST CURATOR’S NAME: Stacey Simms, host of the Diabetes Connections podcast.

WHY THIS THEME?: This will be a quick and interesting way to learn more about a condition you may think you’re familiar with — there’s so much more to learn. The focus here is on Type 1 Diabetes.

MONDAY EPISODE (10/30): Diabetes Connections – T1D In The NFL: KJ Dillon & ESPN’s Adam Schefter53 minutes

TUESDAY EPISODE (10/31): Real Life Diabetes – Strive for Progress, not Perfection – 68 minutes

WEDNESDAY EPISODE (11/1): The Hanselminutes Podcast – OpenAPS project with Dana Lewis – 34 minutes

THURSDAY EPISODE (11/2): Just Talking Podcast – The Insulin Access Summit – 28 minutes

FRIDAY EPISODE (11/3): Diabetes Connections – Derek Theler – Marvel’s Newest Superhero56 minutes

GET IN TOUCH: Twitter: @diabetescxns | Facebook: Diabetes Connections | Instagram: @StaceySimms

SHAMELESS PROMO: Learn more about all types of diabetes! Search the hashtag #DSMA on Twitter and Facebook and join the conversation. There’s a weekly chat on Wednesdays at 9pm EST. The World Diabetes Day 24-hour chat is on November 14.

CROWD-SOURCING QUESTION: Where do you get most of your diabetes information?