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WHY THIS THEME?: Because I have a cookbook podcast and I find other food podcasts super interesting and inspirational.

MONDAY EPISODE (7/31): Cookery by the Book – Dorie Greenspan19 minutes

I kick off this week with one of my podcasts, in which I interview the incredible Dorie Greenspan about her cookbook, “Dorie’s Cookies.” The New York Times called her a culinary guru. Dorie takes us through the process of choosing the cookie recipes for her book. Even if you’re not a baker, like me, you’ll find this a fun chat.

TUESDAY EPISODE (8/1): Eat This Podcast – Wine and Cheese16 minutes

This is one of my favorite independent podcasts. The host, Jeremy Cherfas, always has a fascinating take on food. This podcast is a deep dive into whether white wine or red wine is better with cheese, and the science behind it.

WEDNESDAY EPISODE (8/2): Good Food – The Seafood Show – 58 minutes

This episode is an enlightening discussion about the shrimp slave trade. Two Associated Press reporters go undercover to the Thai shrimp industry. It’s eye opening.

THURSDAY EPISODE (8/3): Bon Appétit Foodcast – Food Superstars Ina Garten & Gordon Ramsay – 38 minutes

Bon Appetit’s Editor-in-Chief, Adam Rapoport has a fun chat with food superstars Ina Garten and Gordon Ramsay.

FRIDAY EPISODE (8/4): Cookery by the Book – Ten Restaurants that Changed America14 minutes

I had a wonderful conversation with Paul Freedman, author of 10 Restaurants That Changed America & Yale history professor. This book takes us down restaurant memory lane. Paul talks about how societal trends influence restaurants. He lets us in on certain items, like turtle soup, that have disappeared from modern menus. Why was French cuisine the standard in the 19th and early 20th centuries? We discuss the Chicken a la King recipe that I made from the restaurant Schrafft’s.

GET IN TOUCH:, Twitter: @IamSuzyChase, Insta: @CookerybytheBook

SHAMELESS PROMO: I am passionate about independent podcasts & podcasters. I started podcasting in late 2003 with a soul music podcast ( In the past 14 years, I’ve seen big corporate radio companies come into the podcasting space and label shows that are recorded and rebroadcast as podcasts. I urge people to support the independent podcasters that are putting out fresh, interesting content.