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PODCAST CURATOR’S NAME: Laura Merli, host of the How to be Less Awkward podcast 

WHY THIS THEME?: Comedy podcasts are my favorite and I recently heard that women are very underrepresented on the top of the podcast charts, so I thought I’d help promote some funny ladies.

MONDAY EPISODE (8/14): 2 Dope Queens – Mom Jokes with Kevin Bacon61 minutes

TUESDAY EPISODE (8/15): Mouth Time – Pregnancy Pact! (w/ Rachel Wenitsky)33 minutes

WEDNESDAY EPISODE (8/16): My Favorite Murder – Live At The Wilbur80 minutes

THURSDAY EPISODE (8/17): Bad With Money With Gaby Dunn – The Last Living Fantasy of the Modern World (aka Marriage)58 minutes

FRIDAY EPISODE (8/18): The Bechdel Cast – The Beguiled with Alana Hope Levinson67 minutes

GET IN TOUCH: Twitter: @H2BLessAwkward

SHAMELESS PROMO: Check out my podcast, How to be Less Awkward, where people share real-life embarrassing stories. A great episode to start off with is Ep12 American Farter w Tyler Swain.

CROWD-SOURCING QUESTION: What are some other female-hosted podcasts to check out?