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WHY THIS THEME?: I’m really interested in history, especially in watershed moments where something new happens that was previously regarded as impossible. What do we assume will be the next aspect of the modern world to fall apart, and what will that change about our world?

I want the listener to come away wondering what will be next. What assumption of the modern world do we take for granted will be the next to fall, and what will that change about the world?

MONDAY EPISODE (11/13): Sound Opinions – 1977 – The Year Punk Broke (Pt. 2) & She Devils – 60 minutes

TUESDAY EPISODE (11/14): You Must Remember This – Charles Manson’s Hollywood, Part 1 – 36 minutes

WEDNESDAY EPISODE (11/15): Hardcore History – Blueprint for Armageddon I – 190 minutes

THURSDAY EPISODE (11/16): The Age of Napoleon – The Setting Sun – 41 minutes

FRIDAY EPISODE (11/17): Revolutionary Left Radio The Soviet Union: The Russian Revolution and Joseph Stalin – 60 minutes


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CROWDSOURCING QUESTION: What assumption that people have had for a long time do you wish would be questioned or go away?