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PODCAST CURATOR’S NAME: Melanie and Zoe from Leave a Message After the Tone

WHY THIS THEME?: Our friend Kayla introduced us to the concept of “koselig” during a particularly frigid week in college. The Norwegian term describes a certain kind of coziness that can only occur amidst the backdrop of the appendage-numbing hell that is winter. The holiday season always warrants some aural koselig — the auditory equivalent of your comfiest insulated socks. Here are a few of our favorite Koseligcasts.

MONDAY EPISODE (12/11): Charlie’s Conundrum – Sleepover27 minutes

Only Our Hygge Neighbor to The North could get three strangers to meet, discuss their problems, and offer real, empathetic advice.

TUESDAY EPISODE (12/12):  Falling Tree Productions – Leonard and Marianne27 minutes

Here’s a challenge: start this while doing the dishes and try not to get weepy while Marianne reads her namesake lyrics.

WEDNESDAY EPISODE (12/13): Radiolab – Oliver Sacks Looks Back28 minutes

There’s a certain astute warmth to this whole episode, but what we really want you to hear is Dr. Sacks’ description of the color indigo, from 20:30-22:55. Leave it to a pear-shaped blob of indigo to restore your warm-and-fuzzies for the human condition.

THURSDAY EPISODE (12/14): Mystery Show – Case #2: Britney – 49 minutes

Thinking of Starlee Kine devoting this much time/energy/love to finding out what book Britney Spears read in 2008 feels like putting on our long johns for the first snow. RIP Mystery Show.

FRIDAY EPISODE (12/15): Love Me At A Loss For Words22 minutes

Because if this doesn’t warm your cold 2017 heart, we don’t know what will.

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The Wikipedia article for foley art is out of control. – Melanie
These kiwi earrings — I wish I didn’t hate how cute they were. – Zoe

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