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PODCAST CURATOR’S NAME: Erik Jones, creator and brain behind the Hurt Your Brain newsletter. 

WHY THIS THEME?: Science is so much more approachable and fun when it is told as a story. Here are some of my all-time favorite science-focused episodes that blew my mind and taught me some really interesting things in the process.

MONDAY EPISODE (10/2): Radiolab – Colors69 minutes

TUESDAY EPISODE (10/3): Cosmic Vertigo – Black Holes Don’t Suck31 minutes

WEDNESDAY EPISODE (10/4): Undiscovered – Kurt Vonnegut and the Rainmakers31 minutes

THURSDAY EPISODE (10/5): Science Solved It – Don’t be Alarmed, but the Rocks are Crawling – 23 minutes

FRIDAY EPISODE (10/6): 99% Invisible – Home on Lagrange30 minutes

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