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WHY THIS THEME?: There are many great podcasts that focus on politics, human rights, world news, etc. and these are all very important, but I think we could all use a good LOL, or even an ROFL session these days. So take the week off and just laugh during your commute, or while you clean your house. Hope you enjoy.

MONDAY EPISODE (7/17): Black List Table Reads – Blood From a Stone139 minutes

TUESDAY EPISODE (7/18): Hardcore Game of Thrones – Shadow of the Dragon Part I117 minutes

WEDNESDAY EPISODE (7/19): Poop Talk Podcast – Bullet Bulleit11 minutes

THURSDAY EPISODE (7/20): Rocky Mountain Revival – The Comedy Episode32 minutes

FRIDAY EPISODE (7/21): Hello from the Magic Tavern – Pimbly Nimblebottom  – 30 minutes

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SHAMELESS PROMO: Well, I already promoted my own podcast, Rocky Mountain Revival, in this list. My main squeeze is writing, so check out a sample of the audiobook of my short story collection, Rain Check. Also, be on the lookout for my next podcast venture, a mocku-drama called X Podcast, for fans of Tanis and Rabbits.

CROWDSOURCING QUESTION: For any other podcast makers out there: have you found any ways to actually make money from your podcast, or at least break even for your time and resources? If so, what has been successful for you?