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PODCAST CURATOR’S NAME: De’Nicea Hilton (aka the Period Whisperer)

WHY THIS THEME?: Too many women are enduring painful periods and diagnosed at an alarming rate with menstrual disorders (e.g. fibroids, infertility, endometriosis, PCOS…etc). They are misinformed about period health and options of treatment available for them outside of birth control and surgeries.

MONDAY EPISODE (9/4): PERIOD Podcast – Monkey Trainers and Tampon Squeezers – 34 minutes

TUESDAY EPISODE (9/5): Sisters of Flow – Using Chinese Medicine for Fertility37 minutes

WEDNESDAY EPISODE (9/6): Hay House Radio – Dr. Christiane Northrup – Embrace the Wisdom of Your Body – 50 minutes

THURSDAY EPISODE (9/7): Birth Wisdom – Vaginal Steams for Preconception and Postpartum – 56 minutes

FRIDAY EPISODE (9/8): Sisters of Flow – Aromatherapy and Oils for Periods – 28 minutes

GET IN TOUCH: Twitter: Sistersofflow Facebook: Sisters of Flow Insta: Sistersofflow

SHAMELESS PROMO: Donate to provide menstrual products for those who can not afford them by giving to the Sisters of Flow Foundation.

CROWD-SOURCING QUESTION: When looking for help with period cramps using natural methods, what would you like the most help with?