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Each week, a theme is chosen by one of our curators. That curator finds 5 podcast episodes (from anywhere!) to go along with that theme. Listen to these podcasts by clicking on the links above, through the RadioPublic app, or you can find (most of) them on your favorite podcast app (iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast…)

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WHY THIS THEME?: I just like thinking about religion. These episodes feature “off the beaten path” stories of religion in our society. People often shy away from the word “religion,” but these stories offer a new meaning.

MONDAY EPISODE (7/24): Interfaith Voices Podcast – America’s Civil Religion12 minutes

TUESDAY EPISODE (7/25): Unorthodox – And the Oscar Goes To…68 minutes

WEDNESDAY EPISODE (7/26): Buddhist Geeks – The Story of Things as They Are29 minutes

THURSDAY EPISODE (7/27): #GoodMuslimBadMuslim – Over It51 minutes

FRIDAY EPISODE (7/28): On Being – Women, Marriage, and Religion  – 52 minutes


SHAMELESS PROMO: I want to plug the library! They have some great apps so you can download books for free, it’s pretty incredible! If you have a library card, you can download OverDrive and then listen to audiobooks for free.

CROWDSOURCING QUESTION: What do you think when you hear the word “religion?”