Game of Thrones is ending, but NFL football is back! Between getting ready for your fantasy football draft, knowing who the sleepers and busts will be, memorizing the latest position charts, understanding how settings like PPR can change values, and being a waiver wire hawk, fantasy football is largely dependent on the work you put in on a regular basis. A lot of this works comes from getting the right information, and as such fantasy football podcasts have become a staple for the industry’s top experts and fans alike.

But just because some fantasy football podcasts are produced by ESPN, CBS, or other reputable brands doesn’t necessarily mean they’re giving you the best information to win your league. You need to understand which fantasy football podcast is the most accurate and precise so you know who to start, trade for, or add to your soon-to-be championship contending team.

Here are our favorite fantasy football podcasts.

1. Fantasy Footballers

The guys at Fantasy Footballers Podcast eat, sleep, and drink fantasy football. Simple as that. Their podcast is no different. They post nearly every day highlighting the latest football news and how it might have fantasy implications, who to target on your waiver wire, and ultimately tips and tricks to win your league.

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2. – The Audible

Footballguys is one of my go-to sites for fantasy football information. Their insight is nearly unrivaled in an industry that’s crowded with pundits screaming “sleeper” and “bust” at almost every player. Knowing the football skills and (more importantly) football situations that lead to successful fantasy players and teams is crucial to putting together a dynasty team. Listen to this podcast to get the leg up on your competition.

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3. The Ringer NFL Show

If you’ve read anything on this site, you know I’m a fan of the podcasts The Ringer produces. Always packed with original information, smart guests, and concise enough that you’re not listening for hours, The Ringer NFL Show is another great podcast in their network.

You can’t win you fantasy football league without paying attention to what’s going on in the NFL. I know, “thanks for the tips, Kevin”. Though the podcast isn’t specifically geared to fantasy football, they do discuss how recent events, injuries, or situations will play out and benefit fantasy players.

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4. NFL Fantasy Live

The podcast description starts with “Fantasy freaks and geeks, this is the podcast for you.” So yeah, if you fit that description (and you probably do), check out NFL Fantasy Live. This podcast is actually created and produced by the NFL themselves, so they’re able to access a little more than your typical fantasy football podcast.

They post nearly every other day, which gives you a great mix of fantasy football knowledge and the freedom to maintain your typical podcast regiment.

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5. Fantasy Focus Football

You know those crazy ESPN folks who talked about fantasy football for 28 straight hours? This is their podcast. Hosted by Fantasy Football “experts” Matthew Berry, Stephania Bell, and Field Yates, this daily podcast was one of the original in the space (and the first I ever listened to). They’re great at articulating advanced analytics and their relevance for fantasy football while leveraging their years of experience to predict how things will play out.

Fantasy Focus Football should be on the short list of must-listen fantasy football podcasts for every serious fantasy player.

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6. Barstool Sports’ Fantasy Football Follies

Fantasy Football Follies is a new podcast hosted by the legendary Michael Rapaport — the angry New Yorker who cusses all the time. He’s also hilarious and a great podcaster.

Listen to this podcast if you enjoy your fantasy football news and advice with a healthy dose of comedy and randomness.

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7. Eat. Sleep. Fantasy. — NFL Fantasy Football

Eat. Sleep. Fantasy. is another podcast brought you to by a fantasy football focused website. I might have said above that the hosts of another podcast “eat, sleep, and drink fantasy football”, but these guys literally put it in their name. This daily podcast gives great insight and fantasy tips while choosing to look at the key stats that’ll make or break an athletes fantasy performance.

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8. Fantasy Football Today

As daily fantasy sports — mainly football — becomes increasingly popular, a daily show discussing who to sit or start, add or drop, or specific questions pertaining to your situation become gold. Fantasy Football Today is brought to you by CBS and aims to be your one-stop-shop for fantasy football advice.

Though it’s fairly corporate they do succeed in their mission to give you excellent insight and tailored advice. They dedicate a portion of each show to answering listener emails asking specific questions related to their teams.

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9. GSMC Fantasy Football Podcast

Golden State Media Concepts’ Fantasy Football Podcast is a consistently great podcast to get the latest news. It likely won’t show up at the top of any chart, but that’s probably for the best. Keep it as your secret to have an advantage over the other managers in your league.

The unique part about GMSC’s Fantasy Football Podcast is they actually spend time on a variety of league formats. Where most podcasts (and blogs) tend to discuss standard formats with a little PPR thrown in, this one will analyze dynasty leagues, IDP, PPR, DFS, and several other customized but popular settings.

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10. FantasyPros — Fantasy Football Podcast

I think I first heard of FantasyPros because of their analyst rankings. With hundreds of “experts”, it was great for someone to crunch the numbers and see who’s the most accurate. With this type of cutting-through-the-noise thinking, it’s no surprise their podcast follows a similar format. There’s no sensationalism, just real actionable advice.

FantasyPros Fantasy Football Podcast takes these aggregate statistics and expands upon them with context helping you identify sleeper and bust candidates that’ll help you win.

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11. Fantasy Football Weekly

Fantasy Football Weekly is unique in that it’s not a true podcast. It’s a radio syndication from a radio station in Minneapolis. So consider this your diamond-in-the-rough podcast, an extremely quality show that gives you insightful advice and tips to win your league.

The podcast is hosted by Paul Charchian of LeagueSafe — a tool to help you collect and manage your fantasy football dues.

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12. Rotoworld Football Podcast

Welcome NBC’s entrance into the fantasy football podcast landscape. Like with other big budget production resources, Rotoworld Football Podcast has some extremely talented analysts combined with the resources to get the inside scoop into what’s going on with the NFL. Sometimes fantasy football success is based on how fast you move, who’s the first to pick up the next star, and so on. This is a podcast that’ll keep you as up to date as possible with the latest from the league.

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13. Around the NFL

Going off what I said above, speed is a major factor in fantasy football success. Injuries happen in the blink of an eye and sometimes the replacement player or handcuff will be the difference maker in your league. Around the NFL isn’t specifically fantasy football based, but it’s imperative to keep up with the NFL insiders.

Another NFL-created podcast, Around the NFL comes with insider knowledge and exclusive info you won’t find anywhere else.

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14. Harris Fantasy Football Podcast

Host Christopher Harris is a fantasy football nerd, and he’d probably be the first to admit that. He watches all the football game tape to study players, make predictions, and analyze who’s the next fantasy football star. After leaving a long career at ESPN, Harris left to start his own. He takes the years of knowledge combined with his detective film study to help you win the league.

“Film don’t lie” – Christopher Harris

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15. The Fantasy Football Guys

Another one of the original fantasy football advice givers, the Fantasy Football Guys jumped on the train early and have been doing this for over a decade.

Need to know who the hot waiver wire adds each week are? How about which players are due for a big week? This fantasy football podcast gives you all that and more.

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