Malcolm Gladwell’s entrance in the podcasting game couldn’t have been much better. His podcast, Revisionist History, was met with resounding feedback and appeal and even won a Webby Award for the episode, “My Little Hundred Million.” The much-anticipated Revisionist History Season 2 is set to launch tomorrow, June 15th.

If you’re unfamiliar with Revisionist History, the podcast aims to revisit an event or occurrence in the past and view it through a new lens to (hopefully) learn something new and leave each episode thinking about it with a new frame of reference. His website describes the podcast goals to “reinterpret something from the past: an event, a person, an idea. Something overlooked. Something misunderstood.” Think 99 Percent Invisible, but for the past. The first season explored a multitude of topics including the unnecessary prestigious university endowments, why basketball players don’t shoot underhanded free throws, and misclassification of an expensive Toyota recall.

Revisionist History made my short list of favorite new podcasts of last year. I featured the show in my round-up of podcasts guaranteed to make you think. Though I’m currently on record as binging through Binge Mode, I’ll definitely have to either create more “podcast time” or have Game of Thrones take a back seat for once.

Since the episode content is fairly evergreen, you can still listen to season one and not feel like you’re late. It holds up.

USA Today was able to get a clip of the first episode of Revisionist History Season 2 in which Gladwell discusses the issues with our love of golf. Gladwell goes so far to call golf “crack cocaine for old white guys.” He shows the more golf a CEO plays, the worse their company does and the more likely they’re fired.

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