The point of this site is to help podcasters find a new audience and help listeners discover their next favorite (sometimes unknown) podcast. An issue we, as podcast listeners, sometimes face is getting stuck into our consumption routine. We know that <podcast> records on Tuesdays and Thursdays, while <podcast> is published on Mondays. Also, <podcast> typically drops sporadically throughout the week. Too often this release cadence allows us to settle with the status quo without a need to try something new.

Well, here’s your chance to give another podcast a try.

In talking with several people about their favorite podcasts, unsurprisingly there were a few podcasts that kept popping up: Serial, S-Town, 99 Percent Invisible, The Moth, Pod Save America, Stuff You Should Know, and several others. So, if you like these, what other podcasts might you enjoy?

If you love S-Town and Serial, you’ll enjoy Untold

Serial and S-Town popularized mainstream true crime podcasts, and some can even say they’re responsible for the latest surge in podcasts overall.

Untold tells the story behind the murder of Daniel Morgan that involves both police and political corrupt that lays the foundation for the “most investigated murder in British history.”

If you’re into the true crime genre, and enjoy British accents (who doesn’t?), this is a podcast for you.

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Honorable mention(s): They Walk Among Us

If you love 99% Invisible, you’ll enjoy Twenty Thousand Hertz

99PI is one of those great podcasts if you want to learn something new or gain a new perspective on things you encounter on a daily basis. It’s on my short-list for top podcasts available.

Twenty Thousand Hertz tells stories in a similar fashion, however, they’ve narrowed their focus on all things sound and sound design. Ever wonder about the story of the sounds behind the NBC Chimes, Siri, or car engines? This is a podcast for you — I promise you’ll learn something new.

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Honorable mention(s): The Memory Palace, Gravy

If you love Pod Save America, you’ll enjoy Grab Them By The Pod

Political podcasts are taking over talk radio (see Podcasts: The New Talk Radio?). Right now, nobody does it better nor is more popular than the folks at Crooked Media who host Pod Save America, Pod Save the World, Lovett or Leave It, and With Friends Like These.

What makes Pod Save America so popular is the combination of the hosts’ intellect, insider knowledge, and humor. If you agree, then Grab Them By The Pod should be your next listen. A former lobbyist and staffer by trade, Jesse was compelled to start a podcast following the latest election. Plus, if the name gives any indication, this podcast is riddled with humor.

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Honorable mention(s): On The MediaPod Save the World, Lovett or Leave It, With Friends Like These

If you love Stuff You Should Know, you’ll enjoy No Such Thing As Fish

A lot of people tune into podcasts simply to learn about something new, there’s no shame in that. Stuff You Should Know provides these listeners with vital trivia and backstories to satiate this yearning.

No Such Thing as Fish is a podcast from the Quite Interesting crew. It’s part bar trivia, part Jeopardy, and part stand-up comedy. If you’re one of those people who looks towards their podcasts to learn something new and expand their trivia knowledge base, add this to your list.

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Honorable mention(s): We Have Concerns

If you love The Moth, you’ll enjoy Risk!

The Moth has become renown for telling compelling true stories. Recent episodes tell personal experiences with the Berlin Wall and another tells of his encounters with Laurence Fishburne.

Risk! is a hilarious podcast on a similar note. It’s similar to The Moth in that it’s people telling their personal stories, however, Risk! focuses on stories people never thought they’d share in public. It’s also featured some of the most popular names in comedy including Sarah Silverman, Marc Maron, Lisa Lampanelli, and several others.

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Honorable mention(s): 2nd Story, True StoryThe Monti, Snap Judgment, Story Collider

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