I’ve previously written about the tremendous growth of podcasts as they further infiltrate more traditional content mediums. However, I don’t think it had quite hit me how mainstream they’d gotten until podcasts casually came up in a conversation with my mom.

To help gain data points on podcast growth, listener behavior, and the current (and future) trends and challenges facing podcasters, I wanted to get a benchmark by surveying both podcasters and podcast fans alike. Introducing the Podcast Trends Survey, 2017.

Please take a moment to complete this 5-minute (I timed it) survey when you get the chance. Bonus points for sharing on social media 🙂 Click to Tweet

I’ll share all the insights on Discover Pods when the results are finalized  

Below is an embedded version of the survey, but if you can’t see it for whatever reason, here’s a direct link.

Thank you!


The survey is now closed, thanks to all the participants. The results will be published soon.