Have you and a group of friends ever had a late night conversation and thought to yourself “we should totally start a podcast”? Well, that’s what Hafeez and his roommates decided and then ran with it to create the aptly named, The Roommates Podcast.

What makes them unique — and why you should tune in — is their diverse backgrounds and opinions lend each roommate to have a very different perspective and bring something truly unique into the conversation. This isn’t your typical “two dudes have a basic conversation” podcast, you should come away equally parts informed and entertained.

I got a chance to catch up with Hafeez and discuss The Roommates Podcast and what keeps them going. Enjoy our Q&A!

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Discover Pods: What’s your podcast about?

The Roommates Podcast: Our podcast is a late night conversation taking you behind the scenes of becoming an adult featuring all the wild people, perspectives, and conversations you’d experience on the way.

DP: Where did the idea stem from to start The Roommates Podcast?

TRP: The idea for the podcast came after our long, late night conversations that we were having in the house where we would talk about a variety of topics relevant to our lives. Also, people would come to the house and join into the conversations because they were so interested.

DP: Why did you decide to podcast over YouTube or another medium?

TRP: We decided to start the podcast because Hafeez always wanted to have a podcast because he felt as if voice was the way of the future.

DP: How has listener feedback been?

TRP: Our listener feedback has been great. We receive dozens of messages a week from listeners from all different background and countries. It amazes us that our audience is not just the typical monolithic audience one would expect from a group of black men as we get people from all backgrounds.

DP: What’s something your listeners likely don’t know about you or the podcast?

TRP: Our listeners don’t know how much we put into the podcast. We are obsessed with putting out the best product in the country and we are willing to do whatever it takes to give our listeners the best podcast experience.

DP: What’s the biggest challenge you face as an indie podcaster?

TRP: The biggest challenge that we’ve have faced is finding consistent places to record.

DP: What are your favorite podcasts?

TRP: We enjoy The Brilliant Idiots, Joe Rogan, and Joe Budden’s Podcast.

DP: Anything else you’d like to add?

TRP: The biggest thing about our podcast is that we work real hard to have conversations with all people from different political parties, ethnicities, backgrounds, social status, and religions. We also have a direct line of access between us and our listeners and pride ourselves in always being open to communication.