If you’re a sensitive snowflake and not looking for some crude humor in your podcast, feel free to read something else. Ya F#cked It is anything but PG. Two Philadelphia-based comics joined forces and decided to podcast about their — self-admitted — irresponsible and dangerous life choices.

Though comic-based podcasts aren’t anything new, hosts Brian and Ryan claim there’s nothing truly like it in the podcast landscape where the comics share their actual debauchery stories. Think frattire Tucker Max, but in a podcast form.

I got a chance to meet Brian and ask him about the podcast, how they got started, and where they want to take it from here. See the full interview below.

Discover Pods: What’s your podcast about?

Brian: Past, present, and (more then likely ) future wildly irresponsible life choices me and my co-host made/make.

DP: Why did you choose to podcast?

Brian: People have told us for awhile now we should be telling these stories on a podcast for everyone to enjoy.

DP: Which podcasts out there helped with inspiration for your podcast, or you wanted to model after?

Brian: Honestly? None. I haven’t really heard a podcast with 2 comics that have lived, and put themselves into situations like me and Shaner, which is a good thing.

DP: What are your five favorite podcasts?


  1. Matt & Shanes Secret Podcast
  2. Tuesday’s With Stories
  3. Bill Burr’s podcast
  4. How did this get made
  5. Last podcast on the left

DP: What type of equipment do you use to record your podcast?

Brian: Not sure, James Mascuilli is our sound engineer and he is amazing, I know he has a mac desktop. We basically come in, he tells us to go, and he edits and adjusts volumes to perfection. We wouldn’t be able to do this show without him.

DP: Where can listeners find you?

Brian: Listeners can find us on all social media, iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, and most other streaming apps. Or can use our Libsyn page at http://yafuckedit.libsyn.com/website