The easiest way to find the best podcasts is to see what’s topping the podcast charts. Here are the current top podcasts, updated weekly:

 RankLWTitle CategoryApple Stitcher
 1 NRThe New WashingtonNews & PoliticsLink NA
 2 NRPod Save AmericaNews & PoliticsLinkLink
 3 2Revisionist HistoryNews & PoliticsLink Link
 4 NRSincerely, XSociety & CultureLink Link
 5 NRLeVar Burton ReadsPerforming ArtsLink Link
 6 NRThis American LifePersonal JournalsLink Link
 7 9Stuff You Should KnowSociety & CultureLink Link
 8 6The DailyNews & PoliticsLinkLink
 9 6S-TownPersonal JournalsLink Link
 10 NRThe Joe Rogan ExperienceComedyLink Link

updated 8/1/17