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WHY THIS THEME?: To some extent all of us are unreliable narrators; we tell ourselves what we want to hear. Thus, identifying objective truth is a fool’s errand.

MONDAY EPISODE (8/7): RadioLab – The Fact of the Matter62 minutes

The unreliable eyewitness.

TUESDAY EPISODE (8/8): Joe Frank: Return Engagement – Soul Mate – 60 minutes

The practice of self-delusion.

WEDNESDAY EPISODE (8/9): CBC Radio – Renowned Writer John Banville Says all of his Novels have been Failures – 25 minutes

John Banville is a highly respected writer. In his novels, there is always an unreliable narrator. In this interview, he seems to cast doubt, in a very unhumble manner, on his reliability.

THURSDAY EPISODE (8/10): DCH/ART – John Currin5 minutes

I like John Currin. He is the rare contemporary painter who specializes in representational work, yet he represents what he sees, not necessarily what we might see.

FRIDAY EPISODE (8/11): Politics and More Podcast – Donald Trump and the Culture of Lying19 minutes

We finish this week with the unreliable narrator we don’t deserve.

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