On The Bus discusses a wide variety of topics, all of which have the common thread that success is achievable at any age. We often hear about the successes of our elders; however, it’s refreshing to hear Brandon and Daniel celebrating the successes of young adults.

With it’s diverse guest list, On The Bus expands its listeners’ knowledge-base on topics they may not have discovered on their own. On The Bus has brilliantly married intriguing topics and successful young adults, allowing its listeners to form a unique and powerful connection with their guests. This coupling is breaking the traditional mold of success and empowering young adults to create their own definition.

I recently got a chance to catch up with Daniel and talk about the growth and impact of podcasts among young adults, his dream guest list, and their upcoming On The Bus, bus tour. See our full interview below.

Discover Pods: How did your podcast get started? 

Daniel: My co-host and I are blessed to know some incredibly smart, well-known and talented people from our life experiences. Throughout the years we’ve had some deep conversations with these friends and were told enough times that we should share these convos with as many people as possible. Finally one day, as an adjunct part of our other projects, we bought a mic and some recording software and the rest was history.

DP: Why did you choose a podcast over other mediums? 

Daniel: This one is easy. First, podcasting is an unfiltered medium where literally ANYONE can start one. Low relative barrier of entrance. Secondly, Podcasts are growing somewhere in the realm of 3% per year and there millions and millions of market space available, so we recognized the ability to carve a niche. Thirdly, and probably most importantly, is that we’ve been obsessed with the learning capabilities of podcasts. You can listen to successful people and stories without having to read a book – directly from the horses mouth. So what i mean is – while twitter gives you access to well-known and successful people’s mentality in a given situation, podcasts give access to these same people’s skills, abilities, stories, experiences that made them so successful. We want to capitalize and share that.

DP: You touched on the learning power of podcasts, and I couldn’t agree more. How do you view podcasts are part of people’s continuing education?

Daniel: I think as stimulation junkies we are really craving short bits of packed information, this being apparent in social media feeds today. Podcasts are like condensed versions of education where you trust credible sources to provide you detailed insight, without having to go through all the research yourself. I think, and hope, that as more people discover podcasts – they will realize the educational power of these. They’ve grown up in school and reading books to inform – wow they’ll be excited when they find these.

DP: What’s unique about your podcast? 

Daniel: I think our vision is super unique. We want to share the conversations of successful people under roughly 35 years old. Most of the time you hear someone (scientists, artist, etc) propagated as successful they have a compendium of works and awards to back them up. We speak with these people while they are still sort of on the journey. In today’s day and age people are beginning to recognize that you can be literally anything you want. Thats a key element of our show. To inspire that.

DP: That’s great! How do you have access to all these people?

Daniel: We both have been lucky to live quite interesting lives thus far. Brandon played basketball for Syracuse and professionally in a few countries around the world. I played college football for a short stint and then played poker professionally. When you live that type of job you end up almost living like a rockstar. But more importantly – Both occupations opened us not only to meeting such arcane people, and living in unique places, but also to a blossoming open mindedness. I think when you connect with such diversity your eyes and mind open up to much possibility. And that mindset gave us access to wonderful people.

DP: Which episodes are gaining the biggest traction among your listeners?

Daniel: Darryl Fish – The Power of Awareness… has been a hit for us. He’s so well spoken and a thought leader in his community and the conversation really flows well.

We also have great recent success with Danny Perdeck – The Growing CBD and Marijuana Industries.

DP: Why do your listeners keep coming back?

Daniel: I’m not sure. Only kidding! I think they find an eerily strange connection to our guests. They see a lot of themselves in the passion and courage that these guests have. Many people are fearful, or feel as if they are alone in thinking about ambition and creativity in a certain way… these guests help them feel a sense of purpose and drive.

DP: Who’s on your podcast guest wish list? 

Daniel: This is a deep an extensive list so I’ll only rattle off a few. Sam Harris, Shia LeBeouf, Jaden and Willow Smith, Demis Hassabis, Anthony Bourdain.

DP: What’s next? 

Daniel: Well, we have some much bigger guests on the way and some better content. Outside of that we are actually taking On the Bus Podcast onto an actual bus. The podcast is a springboard for us touring South America, as a social incubator, by way of bus of course. We will of course, be hosting podcasts. We also are bringing on 2 others who have their creative dream projects of their own (film and photography) and we are incubating for them. We are about to release a live channel for our show. There are some major collaborations and partnerships in the works with influencer marketing and web development as well. Looking very far forward for this and excited.

DP: What are your favorite 5 podcasts?


1. Joe Rogan Experience

2. Duncan Trussel Family Hour

3. FoundMyFitness

4. Tim Ferriss Show

5. Hello From the Magic Tavern

DP: Anything else you want to add?

Daniel: I think the best abstract piece of advice we found about starting a new podcast was somewhere on a Tim Ferris Show episode; Commit to at least 6 episodes and set a goal to learning something in the process. This was key. It allowed me to set an achievable goal that otherwise may not have been achievable in just 6 episodes – and we may have quit otherwise.

DP: Where can listeners find you?

Daniel: Plugs!