There are a slew of podcasts out there about movies, however, most are mixtures of critique and reviews. Some others, for example, are recaps of completely random movies. Very few concentrate on the filmmakers themselves. How did specific movies get made? What are the intracies that led (or didn’t lead) to the ultimate movie’s success? How can people in “the biz” pursue a career in filmmaking? These are answers The Filmmakers Podcast tackles.

The Filmmakers Podcast also differentiates itself from others out there by being created by actual filmmakers themselves … oh and getting A-list guests to compliment their analysis and storytelling.

I got a chance to speak to one of The Filmmakers Podcast creators, Giles Alderson, about how they got started with their podcast, some of the guests they’ve had on, and some under-appreciated movies. Take a look at our Q&A.

Discover Pods: What’s your podcast about?

Giles: It’s about film making. From studio films to micro budget films and everything in between. How to get them made and to make them.

DP: What’s unique about your podcast?

Giles: It’s specific and tailored towards filmmakers and how they can forge a career in the very difficult world of directing, screenwriting, producing and film-making. Not only are our hosts professionals in the industry but we have guests from Oscar winners to BAFTA nominees all talking about how to get started and carry on making films.

DP: Do you have a background in film?

Giles: Yes, all of us at The Filmmakers Podcast do. We all work professionally as directors, cinematographers, producers, screenwriters and actors. We put our knowledge into the podcast and what we have learnt and what we still need to learn.

DP: What are some movies out there that deserve revisiting that didn’t get enough credit the first time around?

Giles: There are many but for me it would be Sunshine, Danny Boyle’s SciFi epic. It’s very well made and beautiful. One of those that has to be seen on the big screen to fully appreciate it.

DP: With other movie focused podcasts out there, how do you work to differentiate yours?

Giles: There are some great film-making podcasts. Some are very technical and some are more lighthearted. I would say ours is a mix of those. We work hard to find the truth of how hard making films can be. What you need to do to become a working film-maker be that in directing, producing, screenwriting, editing, acting etc

DP: Time to name drop. Who have you already had on as guests?

Giles: Mark Strong (Kingsman, Kickass, etc) who talked about his failed audition for a Bond film, What it’s like working with DiCaprio, Guy Ritchie, Matthew Vaughn et all and ‘Kingsman 3‘ possibilities. We’ve also had Oscar winning Editor of ‘Gravity‘ Mark Sanger who told us how great Michael Bay was to work with on Transformers and Sam Miller, director of the Emmy Winning Luther starring Idris Elba to name a few.

DP: What’s the hardest challenge you face as an indie podcaster?

Giles: Trying to get everyone free at the same time is tough especially as we are all working creatives but we mix and match and it works somehow. Guests are getting much easier to come on the show as filmmakers are happy to talk about their journeys and their films and we want to talk to them but the hardest part is mainly the time it takes to edit and upload to all the sites and tag and bagging each time.

DP: What type of equipment do you use?

Giles: We’ve been very blessed to record at some great studios around London like the Voice Over Soho and Just Voices Studios who have some amazing equipment but when we are not in them then nothing special, Just a Zoom H6 and four inexpensive mics. I make it sound nicer in the edit with a sound mix.

DP: What are your five favorite podcasts?

Giles: Unexplained, Gary Vee, Indie Film Hustle, Rough Giraffe and The Kevin Pollack Chat Show.

DP: Where can listeners find you?

Giles: Website:
Twitter: @filmmakerspod