In October, we announced the inaugural Discover Pods Awards and opened it up for nominations. Over the next few weeks, the nominations came pouring in. Over 4,000 submissions when it was all said and done. Apart from a few ballot stuffers (you know who you are ;)), the nominations represented a large variety of the podcasts out there — which was one of the goals for the awards.

It was refreshing, albeit more difficult, to see the variance in the nominations. There weren’t a select few receiving the bulk of the nominations in any given category. While great to see, this made it immensely more difficult to determine the finalists. I also said in a tweet the sum of nominations, while important, aren’t the sole factor in the selection process, sorry ballot stuffers. Together with some Discover Pods staff and third-party podcast fans, we sifted through the nominations, analyzed the data, and helped craft the finalists. If you disagree, that’s fine, @ me.

Also, after looking through the nominations we decided to create a new category, People’s Choice, that wasn’t on the original nomination form. The podcasts listed here got tons of love within the nominations, but unfortunately missed the cut in one or more categories. Thought they deserved another chance.

Voting for the finalists will be open until 6pm ET on December 14th, so you have about two weeks to vote and campaign for your favorites. Because of the prevalence of ballot stuffing during the nominations, we’re requiring a valid email to vote and deleting any duplicates. No email information will be saved unless you select to subscribe to Discover Pods communications on the last question — we promise to not spam you.

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Nominations: Oct. 20 – Nov. 17 [CLOSED]

Finalists Announced: Dec. 1

Final Voting: Dec. 1 – Dec. 14 [CLOSED]

Award Winners Announced: Dec. 15

So … here we go … the 2017 Discover Pods Awards Finalists …

The 2017 Discover Pods Awards Winners announced here.