You may remember one of the questions of the nominations survey was “Which four individuals should be enshrined in the 2017 Mt. Rushmore of Podcasting?” You supplied a plethora of responses!

Here are the winners! All are recognized for their contributions to podcasting, and for being inspirations to masses of podcasters.

Sam Sanders for his work on the NPR Politics Podcast and his new show, It’s Been A Minute.

Roman Mars for his work creating and maintaining Radiotopia, and his show 99% Invisible.

Paul F. Tompkins for his world building ability on many podcasts including The Thrilling Adventure Hour, Comedy Bang Bang, Doug Loves Movies, Pod F. Tompkast, and Spontanionation.

Helen Zaltzman for the long running Allusionist podcast and for running the Podcasters Support Facebook group.

Thank you for your contributions to the medium we all love.

The Podcast Playlist roundtable of the 2017 Discover Pods Awards

We at Discover Pods decided to hammer out the top nominations with a panel of four podcast experts on an episode of Podcast Playlist for everyone to hear the process.

The panel consisted of me, Brendan, Kevin, the proprietor of this fine establishment, Arielle Nissenblat of The EarBuds Podcast Collective, and Phoebe Lett of The New York Times Podcast Club Facebook group. Together we shared our favorite podcasts, listening habits, and discussed and ultimately selected the winners of the Mt. Rushmore award.

Please enjoy this episode of Podcast Playlist where we discuss their merits and decide who should be enshrined.

The 2017 Discover Pods Awards Winners announced here.