Showtime’s resurrection of the cult hit, Twin Peaks has brought about new (and old) fandoms diving in the great mysteries of the show. Though seasons one and aired in 1990, before podcasts and forums really took hold, the show seems especially tailored for the detective community. That’s why it comes as no surprise that Twin Peaks podcasts have been sprouting up everywhere and are surging in listens.

So with all these new podcasts emerging, how do you know which ones to listen to? Here are our favorite Twin Peaks podcasts.

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1. Twin Peaks Unwrapped

Twin Peaks Unwrapped is your prototypical deep-dive analysis podcast which perfectly lends itself to the show format. Because Twin Peaks itself is a show intended to fold back the layers of mystery and over-analyze every little detail, this podcast is perfect at discussing and speculating the show.

Part TV critics, part armchair detectives, the co-hosts do an excellent job and breaking down the show.

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2. Twin Peaks Rewatch

Similar to Unwrapped, Twin Peaks Rewatch takes each episode as they come, diving deeper into the mystery. The unique aspect of this Twin Peaks podcast, however, is “it was around before it was cool.” So whether you’ve been a fan of the show since 1990, or you’re brand new, Twin Peaks Rewatch has a podcast episode for devoted to each episode of Twin Peaks, new and old.

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3. Damn Fine Podcast

Once Twin Peaks was renewed, it seems co-hosts, Tom Merritt of the Daily Tech News Show and Ron Richards of iFanBoy felt compelled to start a podcast. And why wouldn’t they? Like I mentioned earlier Twin Peaks was probably ahead of it’s time in terms of creating a show made for this new age of analysis. Like Rewatch, The Damn Fine Podcast has created episodes for each episode of Twin Peaks offerring new light and insight to the older episodes.

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4. A Twin Peaks Podcast

Entertainment Weekly’s shameless entry to try to own your content consumption. They tried this with Game of Thrones podcasts too.

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