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PODCAST CURATOR’S NAME: Dr. Angela Johnson, host of the Chasing the Mind podcast 

WHY THIS THEME?: Let’s face it: 2017 put a strain on some people’s mental health. So what is the prescription? Like many, I find comfort in making food, eating, and drinking. I like to gather around the table and hear stories from family, friends, and strangers. In the episodes chosen, food and drink are interwoven with great stories that inspire feelings of warmth and nostalgia. There are also episodes that push boundaries. Listen and learn, and may your soul be sated.

MONDAY EPISODE (12/25): The Alton Browncast – William Shatner53 minutes

Alton Brown and William Shatner cook biscuits. If that is not a comforting image, I don’t know what is.

TUESDAY EPISODE (12/26):  The PodCask – ChristmasBourbonPaloozaExtravaganza: Year 2102 minutes

Two Kentucky guys, Will and Greeze, drink a lot of whiskey. A. Lot. Of. Whiskey.

WEDNESDAY EPISODE (12/27): Gravy – Separation of Church and Coffee – 27 minutes

Writer T Cooper finds out how Jesus and java are influencing the coffee scene in Knoxville, Tennessee

THURSDAY EPISODE (12/28): Racist Sandwich – Namaste Motherfucker (W/ Mitali Desai and Naben Ruthnum)31 minutes

Barnard College student Mitali Desai shares a poem, “Chicken Tikka Masala” about her experience being bullied at a predominantly white school. Host Zahir Janmohamed interviews writer Naben Ruthnum about his new book Curry

FRIDAY EPISODE (12/29): The Eater Upsell What to Drink and Eat This Holiday Season – 28 minutes

Amanda Kludt and Dan Geenan tell you what to eat drink this holiday season to be super cool and hip!

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CROWDSOURCING QUESTION: What food or drink is a comfort for your soul?