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PODCAST CURATOR’S NAME: Shannon Ledford, host of the Honor the Feminine podcast

WHY THIS THEME?: I often find myself moving through life disconnected from my body. As I reclaim and remember my sensual self, I have come home and can more fully express my creative voice. These podcasts feature some of the brilliant allies that have helped me open up more to myself.

MONDAY EPISODE (2/5): Love Sex Desire – Discover your Erotic Blueprint with Jaiya – 55 minutes

TUESDAY EPISODE (2/6):  Practice of Being Seen – Amy Tatsumi: Sacred Rebellion – 46 minutes

WEDNESDAY EPISODE (2/7): The Lunar Lab – Money as Initiation with Lola Medicine Keeper – 51 minutes

THURSDAY EPISODE (2/8): Wild Playground – Sex After Trauma47 minutes

FRIDAY EPISODE (2/9): Honor the Feminine Kimberly Johnson – 58 minutes

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SHAMELESS PROMO: For more inspiration around reclaiming your sensuality and standing in your power, I invite you to listen to some of the other episodes of my podcast. I would also love to connect more deeply with you on Facebook and Instagram.

CROWDSOURCING QUESTION: When do you feel most creative and alive in your body?