Commuting to work used to be one of the most tedious parts of almost anyone’s day. After all, having to sit idle and wait for the mile-long line of cars to move sounds boring no matter how it is spun. At least that is how it was before podcasts came around. Today, people can use this downtime to listen to the topic of their choosing and learn. The list below will analyze some of the most beneficial options for those looking to get smarter.

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6. How To Do Everything

Having embarrassing questions or matters that should be discussed under a veil of anonymity is normal. How To Do Everything is a podcast that addresses these types of questions as well as any other topic that listeners want to hear. It was created by Mike Danforth and Ian Chillag who are the speakers addressing all inquiries made by the public. For example, some listeners ask about issues like freedom and justice while others want their curiosity about french fries to be satisfied. Importantly, whenever there is a serious question, experts will be invited to state their opinions. This way, Danforth and Chillag do not have to be knowledgeable about everything they are asked.

5. The Tim Ferriss Show

Ranked at the very top of all business podcasts available on iTunes, the Tim Ferris Show has been downloaded over 100 million times. It is an interview-based podcast that hosts celebrities like Jamie Foxx, Mike Shinoda, Jon Favreau, and hundreds of others. Once there, they answer questions about the success in their areas of expertise. One of the most useful aspects of this show is that people can use the tips provided for their everyday lives. Since important issues like difficulties with time management, health habits, business models, and technology tools are always up for debate, listeners can get some high-quality life lessons!

4. Hidden Brain

Unlike the previous two, this podcast is less user-question-based. It is a show that explains underlying patterns and concepts that often drive how someone behaves. Furthermore, Hidden Brain explains some of the most complicated psychology problems through storytelling. Users who tune in to listen to this podcast are often looking for innovative ideas that may explain how the brain analyzes situations and makes decisions. The fact that the creator of this show has prompted people to ask questions like “What does the way I park say about me?” is a testament to its power.

3. Invisibilia

Much like the aforementioned podcast, Invisibilia deals with psychology and the world of dreams, unconscious behavior, and beliefs. Its primary goal is to educate people about things that come from within and are not visible to the naked eye. With thousands of followers, this show gets into some topics that can teach one how to live life in a new, more profound way.

2. Planet Money

Talking business and economy is not for everyone. The group of people who appreciates Planet Money the most, however, are usually those who swim in these waters. After being around for a decade, the show has built quite the reputation with its talks on the supply chain, profits, outsourcing, and almost anything business-related. With many prominent awards in its corner, Planet Money tries to explain some simple matters like how t-shirts are made to more complex topics like how the 2008 economy downfall happened. The team of hosts includes over half-a-dozen educated professionals with experience.

1. Jocko Podcast

As a United States Navy SEAL, Jocko Willink delivers motivational speeches that are unmatched in intensity and quality. Having spent over 20 years on one of the world’s most powerful special forces, Willink learned what it takes to be a leader. Presently, besides being a successful businessman and public speaker, he also has a podcast where he teaches others about ownership and dedication. With a few books under his belt, he mostly attempts to motivate people to go after their goals relentlessly. Also, as a highly decorated combat veteran, he uses many battlefield stories to relate to real-life examples of discipline.

Luckily, these are just some of the podcasts available in the market. With such a large offering, it is safe to say that people can find something to help them get through monotonous driving, jogging, resting, or any other not-so-fun activity.